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Questions about sponsoring an event or making a donation to an event's cause.

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Can I just make a donation for an event?
Yes! You can send a check to FundRacers, 1886 Woodpoint Ct, Lawrenceville, GA 30042, or you can make a donation online with a credit card. Click here to get more information or make a donation to an event
What if I live far away or can't do the race?
Become a sponsor or make a donation! Sponsorship allows you to be involved in the event and support the charity or cause, even if you can't come to the event or don't want to run the race. Click here for information on sponsoring an event. Click here to get more information or make a donation to an event.


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Let's face it, every organization or cause needs money to operate and every organization or cause wants to raise awareness or interest in it. Fundraising can be such a chore and usually is the least enjoyable part of anyone's involvement in an organization.


FundRacers changes all that!

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