Why FundRacers?

FundRacers changes everything about fundraising.

Let's face it, every organization or cause needs money to operate and every organization or cause wants to raise awareness or interest in it. Fundraising can be such a chore and usually is the least enjoyable part of anyone's involvement in an organization.


  • Very minimal upfront cost! Just a $150 deposit that you get back as long as the race goes on.
  • Single day event, so less time commitment!
  • 5K/10K/Fun Run or Walk's bring people and communities together and are great fundraisers AS WELL as a great Marketing Tool!

How do we get started?

FundRacers will work together with you to find a date and location that works best for you.

Date and Location

It's important to find a date in which you're not competing with other races in that area. It's also important to find a location that is conducive to holding a successful and profitable race.

Important factors

  • Cost to secure location (rental fee, deposit)
  • Adequate parking

Race Course

FundRacers will design the course.

Important factors

  • Route that is safe and fun for all fitness levels
  • Route that requires the least amount of police presence. (The least amount of roads we need to block the less have to pay policemen to be on hand)


Fundracers will take care of all the marketing of the event.

Important factors

  • Fundracers will set up a free website for your event where potential participants and sponsors can go to obtain information about the event, register for the event and or sign up to be a sponsor for the event.
  • Fundracers will use running websites, social media, print media and a number of other outlets to market your event.

Supplies for the Event

Fundracers will handle securing all the supplies needed for the event such as race numbers, goodie bags, safety pins, registration forms, tables and chairs and tents. Most times, fundracers can get all of these items donated. However, for items such as tables and chairs, if you know of someone who can provide (your church/school/friends) the less you have to spend on rental of these things.


Sponsors help defer the cost of the event. You are responsible for obtaining sponsors for the event. Fundracers will work to get sponsors as well. A minimum amount of sponsorship funds is required to put on the event. Fundracers will give you the tools you need to solicit sponsors, such as sponsor information sheets, etc.

Important factors

  • Sponsors can be hard to find in this economy. Getting the word out about the race and the CAUSE can help generate sponsors. You can help this process by helping to secure sponsors as well and just in general talking about the event to everyone you encounter. You never know who you will run into or know who might own a business or be willing to help out or provide a service that can help make your event great!


You are responsible for finding volunteers for the event.

Important factors

  • While Fundracers can find local scout troops, youth groups and non-profit organizations to help out with the event, the BEST volunteers are ones that are close to the cause, such as your neighbors, family members, school or church members who know YOU and know what you’re trying to accomplish and can get behind it.

Timing the Race

Fundracers will handle the "Timing" of the race.

Important factors

  • For serious runners, the timing of the race is important. Fundracers will gather the information, tally the results and have it ready for awards ceremony as well as posting the results on the website for the event.


Fundracers will handle the Awards for the Race.

Important factors

  • Fundracers will work with you to determine what and how many awards you would like to give out. Obviously the least amount of awards the less money you spend. However, awards make it fun for participants and the more chance they have to win an award the more likely they are to participant and/or have a great time at your event.

T-shirts and Logo

Fundracers will take care of securing t-shirts for the event. We will also take care of getting a logo for the event. We will work with you to find a logo and t-shirt that you like and feel fits your event best. If you have a logo you already want to use, no problem!

Remember, you are the best advertiser and marketer of your event. The more effort that you put into the event the more successful it will be, i.e. the more awareness it will bring to your cause and the more money it will make for your cause.


Most venues will require that you get liability insurance for the event. It is also important to cover your organization in case of an incident. FundRacers will handle getting a one-time liability insurance policy for the event.


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Let's face it, every organization or cause needs money to operate and every organization or cause wants to raise awareness or interest in it. Fundraising can be such a chore and usually is the least enjoyable part of anyone's involvement in an organization.


FundRacers changes all that!

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