Registration Changes

You can make most changes to your registration here without having to contact FundRacers.

Changes you can make here include...

  • Name and contact information of people you registered.
  • Adding additional people.
  • Removing people.
  • Changing the type of race selected, such as 5K vs. Fun Run.
  • Selections, such as t-shirt size.
  • Paying by credit card instead of mailing a check.
  • Cancel your registration*
    *If you need to completely cancel your registration, please follow the instructions below, then simply remove everyone you have registered.

Please be aware that certain changes you make may result in forfeiting discounts that may have been applied when you initially registered.

If your changes result in an additional amount due, we will charge your credit card when you submit your changes.

If your changes result in a total amount less than you have already paid, you will need to contact FundRacers if you wish to have the difference refunded to you.

IMPORTANT!  Once you begin this process, you must finish it!
IMPORTANT!  Your registration will be put on hold while changes are being made.
IMPORTANT!  You must finish the change process in order for your registration to be re-processed and official on race day.

To begin the process of changing your registration, enter the information below, then click 'Continue'...

Enter Your Confirmation # (Click here to look up your confirmation #.)

Enter the Last 4 Digits of Credit Card

If Credit Card not used, enter Email Address

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Let's face it, every organization or cause needs money to operate and every organization or cause wants to raise awareness or interest in it. Fundraising can be such a chore and usually is the least enjoyable part of anyone's involvement in an organization.


FundRacers changes all that!


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